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About Charlotte Mosquito Exterminator

Too many times, this was our backyard. Or our friend's back yard. Or the neighborhood playground. Empty. And not because children weren't itching to go outside and play, it was because they were itching because they went outside and played! 

The play grounds had been taken over by swarms of buzzing, biting, mosquitoes! 

Even worse, disease carrying mosquitoes! With fears of Zika and West Nile viruses, no parents wanted to send their kids outside.

Then came the news that Charlotte ranked in the TOP 10 WORST CITIES FOR MOSQUITOES! 

That was the last straw. That's when we decided to start Charlotte Mosquito Exterminator and take back our yard. For us, we decided NO BUZZ. NO BITES. MORE FUN!

Why People Call Us!

Mosquito Control50%
Flea and Tick Control30%
Fire Ant Control10%
Gutter Cleaning5%
Pet Waste Removal5%

Why Chose Us?

Certified Technicians
All of our technicians have been certified and provide expert knowledge of where mosquitoes thrive, and exactly how to get rid of them, before they become a problem!
Awesome Customer Support
Free Inspections

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We provide a complete mosquito solution examining the property for mosquito Harborage sites.

Flea & Ticks

We provide a barrier spray to control fleas & ticks in your yard!

Fire Ants

We provide a barrier treatment to keep Fire Ants out of your yard!

You've Dreamed of This Day...

Planning a family BBQ? An outdoor birthday party for your child? An beautiful outdoor wedding?

Don't let mosquitoes make it a nightmare!

Call Charlotte Mosquito Exterminator to spray before your next event.

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Weddings

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Family BBQ

Family BBQ