Mosquito Control


  • Charlotte is one of the top 10 towns for mosquitoes in the USA. What does this mean for you and your family? It means that you'll likely either be battling them for most of the year or cloistering yourself inside to avoid the itchy bites and potential diseases they carry.
  • Our expert technicians help you use the best methods possible to keep them out of your yard and not let them spoil the fun of enjoying spring, summer, and fall. By taking a multi-pronged approach, you will be able to get rid of them and allow yourself and others to enjoy the warm weather.
  • For starters, we identify any breeding grounds for these little flying insects. They love stagnant water and a little bit is sufficient for a female who needs to lay her eggs. We check around the perimeter of your building and elsewhere on your property to ensure that you don't have any containers holding water or otherwise have a standing water supply that will give these insects the place for creating more.
  • While that is a good start, mosquito spraying is the most effective form of pest control to keep them at bay. While personal repellants sometimes work, they can be toxic and irritating to use. It's more effective to simply keep the mosquitos away from your yard all together by spraying the property. Our safe and effective treatments are the same ones we use on our personal home with dogs, a bird, and a baby.
  • Additionally, if you are the owner of a home who is concerned about mosquito control, you should consider the ways that you can prevent them naturally. There are many different plants that mosquitoes don't like to be around. Plant these in strategic locations around your property in order to make them choose a more hospitable environment elsewhere.
  • Remember that mosquito control is an ongoing effort. By zeroing in on every place that mosquitos like to breed and hide, we can keep them out of your yard and away from your family so that you can enjoy more time together outside. You will be happy to have a mosquito-free yard that you and your household can enjoy.
  • No Buzz. No Bites. More Fun!

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