Charlotte Mosquito Exterminator uses an Integrated Pest Management system that requires our technicians to treat any standing water or other mosquito breeding grounds with larvacide to eliminate existing larvae and prevent any future offspring. Our technicians then create a mosquito prevention barrier around your yard using a barrier treatment. The barrier treatment eliminates adult mosquitoes already in your yard and continues to eliminate any new ones for 14 -21 days. A technician returns to your property every 14-23 days to reapply the barrier treatment.
We apply a liquid application to all vegetation, grasses, trees, and bushes. We also apply to the underside of decks and other areas where mosquitoes hide. Anytime a mosquito comes in contact with a sprayed surface, our product reacts with the fatty acids of the mosquito and eliminates it. We also apply a larvacide to any standing water, such as bird baths and gutters, in your yard to prevent a breeding habitat for mosquitoes. The larvicide is safe for birds and could even be applied to a dog's water bowl.
It's effective immediately, it's recommended that it dries which usually takes an hour. It has residual to last 14-21 days days in a perfect environment. Weather (rain, humidity and UV rays) will break down the treatment over time.
If in our primary service area, usually within 24 hours.
Pricing is Based on the Size of Property, Size of Home, Foliage, water sources, and length of service. Call today to speak with one of our Charlotte Mosquito Exterminator about pricing 704-565-9894.
The season typically (weather depending) is from mid March through the end of October. A full season would consist typically of 8-10 treatments. However, we offer prorated seasons for those folks that start with us at different times throughout the year.
It is safe for humans and pets. The active ingredient is used in both lice shampoo and flea treatment shampoo for dogs. Our treatments are odorless and stainless. We also apply a larvicide to any standing water, such as bird baths and gutters, in your yard to prevent a breeding habitat for mosquitoes. The larvicide is safe for birds and could even be applied to a dog's water bowl.
Within an hour after the application.
If your property has been treated and had a 1/2 hour dry time you should be fine.  We have even treated properties when it has been misting out this helps spread out the treatment.  Heavy rain is only a problem when you have water that has pooled for 5 days providing an area for mosquitos to breed.
This treatment is 85% effective and is good for up to 14-30 days usually.   We also have a truly green product that is good for 7-14 days depending on rain and is 65% effective in controlling the mosquito population.
No. If you have a locked fence you will need to make it accessible on the day we are scheduled to come out. You will want to have pets inside during an application but you do not need to be there. They can be let out once the treatment has dried in a ½ an hour.
Once the treatment has dried in a1/2 an hour it is ok to water.
Yes. We use the barrier treatment to eliminate existing adult ticks and fleas in your yard and keep any new ones from entering. We also use tick tubes for extra tick control in spring and summer to help eliminate nymph stage ticks as well.
No. Although our treatment eliminates 95% of mosquitoes, no mosquito control company can guarantee a complete removal. You should notice a difference in the number of mosquitoes and/or ticks on your property.  If not we will come back in the first 5 days to try a different method.  Your satisfaction is our guarantee.
Yes. our technicians only use enough product to effectively eliminate tiny mosquitoes. However, we do ask that all people and pets remain inside during treatment and for 30 minutes afterward to give the treatment enough time to dry. Once dry, the treatment is safe. We do not spray vegetables or blooming flowers to protect bees and vegetables.
Yes. Aside from our barrier treatment, Charlotte Mosquito offers an organic solution that uses a fine essential oil mist to repel mosquitoes and ticks from your property. Our technicians apply the mist to all the nooks and crannies of your yard where pests like to nest and breed. The residual fragrance left behind repels mosquitoes, ticks and other pests that are sensitive to it. The natural treatment leaves behind a pleasant smell that dissipates within a few hours.
Yes, Exterior Pest Control to prevent crawling pests, Fly and Gnat Control, Exterior Flea, and Tick Control.
Yes! All of our technicians are trained and fully compliant with all state and federal licensing requirements. Each Mosquito Terminators office is fully insured.
Yes! Charlotte Mosquito Exterminator Retail and Commercial Spray is perfect for restaurants with outdoor seating, day cares, playgrounds and any other type of outdoor establishment. We proudly serve many local businesses, homeowner associations, parks and outdoor venues. Don't let your guests, visitors or residents be interrupted by unwanted guests.
Yes! Charlotte Mosquito Exterminator Special Event Spray is perfect for outdoor weddings, family reunions, block or pool parties, fundraisers, barbecues or birthdays. Approximately 24 hours before your special event, our professional will visit your event location and apply a treatment to the designated area that includes additional protection against biting insects. Our Special Event Spray will insure you and your guests a much more enjoyable experience. Don't let your special celebration be interrupted by unwanted guests. Contact us when you plan your next event!
No. This a subscription based business as long as your subscription is paid you remain mosquito free. We want to earn your business.
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash, or Check. We also offer free and easy online ordering for our customers on the go!

Answer provided by the American Mosquito Control Association,

"Carbon dioxide is the most universally recognized mosquito attractant and draws mosquitoes from up to 35 meters. When female mosquitoes sense carbon dioxide they usually adopt a zigzagging flight path within the plume to locate its source. Once in the general vicinity of a potential host, other cues predominate, including body odors (sweat, lactic acid, etc.) and heat. Conversely, eating bananas did not attract mosquitoes as the myth suggests, but wearing perfumes does. People drinking beer have been shown to be more attractive to mosquitoes. Limburger cheese has also been found to be attractive" The information on this website has been gathered from numerous sources including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),, the National Institute of Health (NIH),, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the American Mosquito Control Association,