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When you look at your dog scratching their fleas you may not think anything of it. However, if you know about some of the flea borne diseases you are going to end up running to the store for some flea medicine and figuring out how to eradicate the fleas from your yard and home. With that being the case, we are going to cover some of the diseases that are carried by fleas and ticks, that not only affect your pets, but can infect you as well.

There have been a number of disease control issues over the years that have taken the United States and the world by storm. It is important to stay abreast of these viruses and diseases to do your best to prevent contraction. In recent years, the Zika virus is one of the diseases that have swept the world and the United States. To learn a little bit more about Zika, how it is contracted and an update on where it currently stands, read the tips below.

West Nile Virus is serious and has been in the US for many years.  It affects people, as well as animals. We’re here to keep you abreast of news revolving around widespread diseases and viruses. The Center for Disease Control is continuously putting the word out about potential widespread issues. The West Nile virus is an issue that has gotten a lot of notoriety over the years and is still something that you should be aware of to make sure that you do not contract it. This article touches on the latest involving the West Nile virus so that you are in the loop and well aware of what it entails.

Mosquitoes cause more suffering to humans compared to any other organism. Thousands of people suffer from mosquito-borne diseases and side effects in the United States every year. Mosquito bites also cause severe skin irritation due to allergic reactions to the saliva of the mosquito. Here are some of the most common mosquito-borne diseases in the US.

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